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How it  Works


Swipe your credit card to open the door. Don't worry -- you won't be charged

unless you decide to take an item out of the kiosk!

Abbondanza Vending Kiosks are like your refrigerator at home.

We think you should be able to pick up and look at your food before deciding to eat it. 

Found something you like? Just take it out of the kiosk and shut the door.

Our smart technology will know what you took and charge you accordingly.

We utilize a state of the art, self serve kiosk to provide fresh quality food at a fair price, with 24 hour access.

We tailor the offerings in your kiosk to fit the taste and needs of those who use it. By delivering freshly made food, up to 3 times a week, we ensure that every item is of superior quality and that your kiosk always offers enough options to accommodate your employees. Plus with our rotating weekly menu and new items added regularly there will be something for everyone!


Our kiosks are remotely monitored 24/7 so we are immediately alerted if a machine goes above temp, has mechanical or screen issues, loses power, etc. Remote access gives us the ability to quickly lock machines in case of power failure, recalls or shutdowns. We are able to see what items sell and what end up as waste so we can adjust future deliveries accordingly. Every account receives individually created orders to provide them with a truly personalized experience. 

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